A year of Wandering in the Wilderness

Jun 16 2024

It’s been two years since I packed up my Bristol home, jigsaw puzzled all my belongings into a storage unit and moved to Devon to to volunteer as a coordinator at The Barn meditation retreat centre. I am astonished to realise it’s now been a whole year since I left The Barn!

This is the story of the last year of my life.

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The State of Flow

May 26 2024

This blog explores Flow: what it is, how to find it and why being in the Flow State might be A Good Thing To Do. There’s a video workshop, 'Exploring The Flow State Through Play and Journalling', flow poetry from past participants of Mindful Play and a story detailing a moment when I lost connection with flow and how I managed to find it again (with a little help from my friends, a tiny dog and a squidgy baby).

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Where does Mindful Play​ come from?

May 07 2024

Whilst preparing for my three new Mindful Play Weekends in May, June and July, exploring the themes of PLAY (May 19 + 18), FLOW (June 22 + 23) and SPONTANEITY (July 20 + 21), I've been reflecting on the history and development of these courses. 

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When are you going to bring back Intro to Clown?

Apr 24 2024

This blog charts the story of my Introduction To Clowning course, from it's circus beginnings, through it's therapeutic development, to it's rising success, to it's online version, to it's resting phase and finally to it's rebirth as The Mindful Play Weekend! Read more >

Online one-to-ones May-July 2024

Mar 31 2024

I am delighted to announce a third season of one-one-one Creative Clarity, Supervision and Creative Consultancy sessions online on Zoom. 

From May-July 2024, you can book a series of 6 or 3 one-hour sessions to explore yourself, your work, your creativity, or your path.

One-off sessions are also available for anyone wanting to dip their toe in.

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Playing With Parts

Mar 31 2024

We’re a group of IFS trained clowns and fools who have been meeting online for the last couple of years, exploring the space where Internal Family Systems (IFS) meets clowning and fooling through experiential play and discussion.

In this blog I will be outlining our experiments and describing some of what happened for me during our first ever in-person play day. Read on for tales of grief, gratitude, identity, connection and home.

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Internal Family Systems and Me

Feb 27 2024

IFS is a therapeutic system which is based on the theory that we are all made up of many parts (ie feelings, sensations, thoughts, memories, dreams, fantasies, etc…). You may already have a sense of this in yourself; in conversation we often say, “Part of me thinks this and part of me thinks that.“ Our parts don’t necessarily all get along, they can have very different wants, needs, values and desires...

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Collective Wisdom from Creative Clarity Online

Feb 08 2024

During the dark, cold month of January, I ran a 4-week Creative Clarity course online. Twelve intrepid adventurers from all over the world, gathered together on Zoom for two hours each week to explore different methods of creative inquiry.

Wanting to capture some of the groups’ wisdom to share with the world, I played around with the words they shared in the chat box to create the following three collective poems: How Is It To Enter The Unknown? How To Stay In The Unknown… and Playing With Tension and Release.

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Have Workshops, Will Travel!

Jan 26 2024

Would you like me to hold space for you and a group of your peers / friends / colleagues to play, connect, learn and grow together? This blog explains how we could make that happen.

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Playful Pauses

Jan 07 2024

In this blog I'll be offering a series of 10 minute Playful Pauses, to help you reconnect, re-centre and recalibrate.

I've found that 10 minutes can actually be enough time to step out of my automatic reactionary thoughts, behaviours or emotions, to calm down my nervous system, soothe my inner parts and prepare the ground to begin again.

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