How Can You Play At A Time Like This?

Apr 03 2020

I've been watching myself from a safe distance these last few weeks, clocking my responses to this unfolding crisis with detached fascination...

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Clown Workouts Week 2

Apr 03 2020

Welcome to Week Two of Clown Workouts, daily tasks for clowns in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

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Clown Power - Conversations between Clowns

Mar 31 2020

I was invited by Clown Power to have a chat with a gaggle of female clowns from Oz and UK on Sunday 29th March - you can eavesdrop here.

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Clown Workouts Week 1

Mar 29 2020

Welcome to Week One of Clown Workouts, daily tasks for clowns in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

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Welcome to Clown Workouts!

Mar 23 2020

Welcome to the Clown Workout, daily exercises for Clowns in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic 2020. 

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When Holly met Joanne

Mar 20 2020

Another rainy morning in Bristol, what better to do than head out to Cafe Number 12 in Easton for eggs and chat with internationally acclaimed improviser, Joanne Tremarco.

I voice-recorded us chatting for 1 hour and 17 minutes and the following blog is an edited version of our conversation. It's the 5th in a series of blogs entitled “When Holly Met...”, capturing conversations with clowns and clown teachers, Joanne is the first fool / fooling teacher I've interviewed. 

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Coronavirus statement from Holly Stoppit Workshops

Mar 18 2020

Dearest Clowns, fools, idiots and plonkers,

It's probably no surprise for you to hear that we have taken the decision to cancel most of our courses until the end of April. Unfortunately, the nature of our work involves bringing room-fulls of people together and inviting them to explore intimate connection, laughing, touching, sharing breath. It’s just too risky with the virus on the rampage.

Here’s a run down of what’s off and what’s ON… 

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Coronavirus Lovingkindness meditation

Mar 18 2020

In these turbulent times, to keep myself grounded, I've been retreating to my meditation cushion. It greets me with open arms and holds me while I tune in to where I'm at, let go of whatever's been building up and draw in courage, curiosity and compassion. 

I'd like to share a loving kindness meditation that came to me the other morning. It brought me comfort and ease and helped me feel connected to the human race. I hope it'll do the same for you.

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Beyond The Ridiculous Live Shows, May 2020

Mar 05 2020

Holly Stoppit and the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous return to The Wardrobe Theatre for a 3-night celebration of the human condition!

“Both incredibly funny and incredibly moving.” The Huffington Post

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Holly Stoppit's Summer Schools 2020

Mar 04 2020

Announcing the Holly Stoppit 2020 Summer School programme!

We're delighted to be offering three weeks of learning, laughing, connection and community throughout August.

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