Internal Family Systems and Me

Feb 27 2024

IFS is a therapeutic system which is based on the theory that we are all made up of many parts (ie feelings, sensations, thoughts, memories, dreams, fantasies, etc…). You may already have a sense of this in yourself; in conversation we often say, “Part of me thinks this and part of me thinks that.“ Our parts don’t necessarily all get along, they can have very different wants, needs, values and desires...

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Collective Wisdom from Creative Clarity Online

Feb 08 2024

During the dark, cold month of January, I ran a 4-week Creative Clarity course online. Twelve intrepid adventurers from all over the world, gathered together on Zoom for two hours each week to explore different methods of creative inquiry.

Wanting to capture some of the groups’ wisdom to share with the world, I played around with the words they shared in the chat box to create the following three collective poems: How Is It To Enter The Unknown? How To Stay In The Unknown… and Playing With Tension and Release.

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Have Workshops, Will Travel!

Jan 26 2024

Would you like me to hold space for you and a group of your peers / friends / colleagues to play, connect, learn and grow together? This blog explains how we could make that happen.

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Playful Pauses

Jan 07 2024

In this blog I'll be offering a series of 10 minute Playful Pauses, to help you reconnect, re-centre and recalibrate.

I've found that 10 minutes can actually be enough time to step out of my automatic reactionary thoughts, behaviours or emotions, to calm down my nervous system, soothe my inner parts and prepare the ground to begin again.

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2023 Review

Dec 28 2023

Welcome to my 2023 review, as I look back on a year of transition, exploration, not knowing and discovering. This was a year where I welcomed joy, learned to make less effort, completed my year of volunteering at The Barn, found my way back to facilitation, sweatily hatched plans in my dad’s attic in France, exploded out into a French street theatre festival, drifted around England and Wales looking for home, did an awful lot of experiential learning and training (including gaining my IFS level 1 certificate!), applied for several jobs (and didn’t get an interview!), birthed a new workshop, opened the doors for 20 fantastic online one-to-one clients, parachuted into a few places for some lovely guest teaching gigs, returned to Fooling and found a new home (for now)...

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Dec 07 2023

I am delighted to announce a second season of one-one-one Creative Clarity, Supervision and Creative Consultancy sessions online on Zoom. 

From January - April 2024, you can book a series of 6 (weekly) or 3 (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), one-hour sessions to explore yourself, your work, your creativity, or your path

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Playing With Needs

Nov 13 2023

This Blog outlines what happened during the second of three Creative Clarity workshops that I presented as part of The Clown Congress in Bristol in October 2023.

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Playing With Not Knowing

Nov 06 2023

I’m still buzzing and recovering from the Clown Congress 2023 where 50+ clowns spent three incredible days at Bristol University; talking, listening, workshopping, eating, singing, playing, dreaming, planning and scheming; exploring the theme of identity in clowning. 

I was invited to deliver Creative Clarity sessions at the end of each of the days, offering participants opportunities to “process the day’s learning through play and reflection, accessing [their] inner wisdom, through movement, meditation, embodiment, writing, artwork and structured dialogue.” (my programme description).

This blog charts what happened during my first Creative Clarity session, which I have retrospectively titled, “Playing With Not Knowing.’ The blog includes a Not Knowing Meditation / Sensory Exploration which you can do wherever you are, and a poem from Bee Golding capturing some of the participants’ insights from the session.

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What Is The Clearness Committee?

Oct 25 2023

The Clearness Committee is a central component of my new Creative Clarity weekend workshop. This blog is to introduce you to the delights of the Clearness Committee and to explain how the Clearness training will integrate into the weekend.

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Rare chance to attend a Holly workshop!

Oct 20 2023

Creative Clarity is a new weekend workshop, born out of everything I’ve experienced during my sabbatical. Creative Clarity aims to help people to access the wisdom contained within their bodies, emotions and thoughts through stepping into a series of flexible, creative containers. There will be invitations for movement, meditation, play, creative reflection and structured supportive dialogue.

Participants will have opportunities galore to rumble with whatever themes feel pertinent to them, plus the group workshop doubles up as a rich training ground for people who want to develop their skills around holding space for others.

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