Cannonballista Reviews

Mar 13 2018

The reviews are in for Liz's Clarke's final outing of Cannonballista, the one woman show I directed last year and have been touring with since September.

To me, the show last week in Cardiff, on international women's day, felt like a fitting end to an incredible tour. We were in The Sherman Theatre studio, where Liz came as a young person to have her mind blown by crazy avant-g... Read more >

Cannonballista Comes To Cardiff

Feb 19 2018

We're coming to Cardiff on March 8th for the last show of our mini-tour!

Read more >

Cannonballista in Bristol This Weekend!

Oct 17 2017

If you're in Bristol this Saturday night, you're in for a treat!  Liz Clarke will be bringing Cannonballista, her explosive new solo show, back to the place where we made it, the wonderfully quirky, original featured, ex-working men's club, The Brunswick Club! For one night only!!!

Here's Liz talking about the show in an interview with Theatre Bristol:

"Cannonballista is a show about grief, coping mechanisms and superhero alter egos! It brings together sheds, can... Read more >

Working With Liz Clarke

Sep 12 2017

For the last 6 months I’ve been working with Liz Clarke, helping her to make her first full-length theatrical solo show, Cannonballista

We met in the dark days of winter, in a massive, freezing cold rehearsal space. Liz brought her breakfast in a tupperware box, I brought a cold and a blanket. We began the process of unpacking Liz... Read more >

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