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Holly offers bespoke creative consultancy, mentoring, supervision, training, therapy and facilitation for individuals, theatre companies, businesses, educational establishments and community groups, both in real life and via Zoom. 

Holly draws on her lifetime's experience as a holder of safe creative space, dipping into her massive tool-kit, to find the right structures to help you explore, create, gain insight, learn and grow. For a list of Holly's previous clients, click here.

Are you an individual looking for therapy?

Holly offers one-to-one Creative Clarity sessions online. Creative Clarity is a dynamic, flexible, responsive form of inquiry, which uses creative approaches to therapy to help you get in touch with you inner guide and find answers for life’s big conundrums. Find out more here.

Are you a group leader looking for supervision?

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly one-to-one reflective sessions for therapists, facilitators, directors, teachers or anyone else who holds space for groups. Using creative approaches to focus on your practice, unpicking what's been happening in the room, building on your strengths as a leader and cultivating more safety and play for you and your group members. Find out more here.

Are you an individual or member of a group looking for Creative Consultancy?

Are you looking to explore the early stages of a creative idea or work through a creative block? Perhaps you're wanting to draw back and get some perspective on your creative path? Perhaps you're part of a company who is looking to explore and improve your company dynamics, or maybe you'd like to have Holly present a tailor-made workshop for your group? Find out more here.

Do you need a guest speaker or workshop leader for your conference, university or event? 

Holly has a number of off-the-peg talks and workshops on the themes of clown-o-therapy, playful approaches to improving mental health, cultivating flow, unlocking spontaneity, increasing connection, making friends with the inner critic and how to deal with stage fright. Holly is always interested in creating bespoke talks and workshops. Find out more here.

Do you want to bring more play and connection into your place of work?

Holly provides away day training to help people access their creativity, build trust, improve communication skills and bring colleagues into deeper connection through play and reflection. Find out more here.

How do I get my piece of the Holly pie?

Check out the offers below. If you’re interested in working with Holly, drop us an email at holly@hollystoppit.com and we’ll work it out from there.

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